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Friday, February 6, 2009

Nba Power Rankings Lebron James And Cavs Are Kings


1, the CAVS are back on top, but not all is well. With the Lakers losing at home to Charlotte, and the magic fall into two just after our team No. Going into Thursday night game in Orlando, NBA the top-Defense has suspended some cracks, allowing 103 ppg on 47% shooting in his last five games..

Kobe Out Hustles Garnett Tops Nba In Jersey Sales


Even if a Lakers championship is still a ways off, theyve already won a competition NBA so far this year - the most popular league team when it comes to merchandise sales, and 11-time All-Star Kobe Bryant is the best-seller of all, regaining lost the post of Kevin Garnett last season.

Mischa Barton Faces Flak For Being In The Middle Of A Love Triangle


It found that Wright was not very amused to see snapshots of Barton with Pritchard.. Hollywood actress Mischa Barton drew some Flak for being a love-cheat, after the same at the center of a love triangle between her Popstar Luke Pritchard and DJ Tom Wright. Even if all my children the actress has been dating since December 2008 Pritchard, was reportedly linked to Tom Wright.

Oscars Hopefuls Penelope Cruz And Benicio Del Toro Among Goya Awards Winners

Penelope Cruz

While she is also a competitor at the next Academy Awards for this film, Goya best actor winner Benicio del Toro does not make a corresponding offer for the Che .. Penelope Cruz won its third in the Spanish Goya Award Oscar on Sunday for his supporting turn in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Paris Hilton Working On New Song With Lady Gaga

Paris Hilton

Lady Gaga is one of the most sought after female performers of the moment. As his latest single, Just Dance, is topping all the charts and getting massive airplay, this has led Paris Hilton no stranger to music itself, to seek its view of a future collaboration. From what they say have different sources, Lady Gaga has already accepted..